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Compliance and adherence is the cornerstone for medication safety.


Our pharmacists will assess and manage the organization of all your medications, both prescription and non-prescription (i.e. vitamins, OTCs, etc.) into convenient and easy to use blister cards or compliance packs. There are several different styles to choose from to suit your individual needs.

We are committed to help eliminate medication mistakes at home and to reduce the number of health-related problems that may arise from taking multiple medications.

Compliace Packaging Assessment: Prescriptions


that for the elderly up to 25% of all non-elected hospital admissions are a result of mistakes made with medications at home?

  • Are you having difficulty with remembering to take your medications?

  • Do you find it difficult to juggle 4 or 5 or more medications and administration times?

  • Are you fed up with bottles and bottles of medications?

It's time for a medication review!

Compliace Packaging Assessment: Headliner


Get the benefits of blister packs

Blister packs are used to provide a safe and convenient way to take your prescribed medication. Any medication you need each day is separated from the rest into its own little pack. This makes it easy to know how much and when you need to take your medication. Using these cards will give you peace of mind and confidence in your day-to-day routine — no more not knowing if you took your medication that day.

These little cards pack a lot of punch! 

Compliace Packaging Assessment: Text
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