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Vaccines in BC's COVID-19 Immunization Plan Phase 3 and Phase 4 will primarily be distributed in five year age increments. Monthly breakdowns for dose one (D1) are estimates and may change based on vaccine availability. Second doses will be administered approximately 16 weeks after dose one. 

Columbia Street Pharmacy will follow BC's Provincial Health Officer's announcements strictly when booking appointments and will not deviate from the provincial immunization plan.


Health Canada has conducted a rigorous scientific review of the available medical evidence to assess the safety of the approved COVID-19 vaccines.

Feeling worried or unsure is completely normal when something is new.

  • No major safety concerns have been identified in the data Health Canada reviewed

  • We can be reassured that Health Canada has a thorough approval process that makes sure the vaccines and medicines we take are safe

Vaccine supply is distributed by the Government of Canada and B.C. receives an allocated number of doses of vaccine on a weekly basis. The allocated amount is expected to increase throughout 2021. Columbia Street Pharmacy has no control over the supply of COVID vaccines. 

B.C. is committed to an ethical approach to immunization phases. The COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed equitably and ethically to people in B.C. following national ethical frameworks and BCCDC’s COVID-19 Ethical Decision-Making Framework.

The COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone living in B.C. who is eligible to receive it.

All COVID-19 vaccines in Canada are effective and are safe and the best vaccine is the one available to you first.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Prescriptions
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Get your COVID-19 Vaccine from an injection trained Pharmacist

Columbia Street Pharmacy will soon be offering COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible patients. Signing up to our Notification List allows you to receive quick access to up to date information and communication when your priority group is eligible for vaccination. When we receive vaccines, you will be notified to book an appointment if you are eligible. Eligibility is set by provincial health authorities and may be dynamic as vaccine becomes available.

The COVID-19 Vaccine is used to prevent COVID-19, a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The vaccine causes our body to produce protection (such as antibodies) that prevent the COVID-19 virus from entering our cells to make us sick. The vaccine is given by injection with a needle in the upper arm and may require 1 or 2 doses.

You cannot get COVID-19 from the vaccine.

As with any vaccine, the COVID-19 Vaccine may not fully protect all those who receive it. Even after you have had both doses of the vaccine, continue to follow the recommendations of local public health officials to prevent spread of COVID-19.

The Immunization Plan may be dynamic as vaccine becomes available. All COVID-19 vaccines in Canada are effective and are safe and the best vaccine is the one available to you first; individual choice of vaccine will not be provided at the time of appointment. 

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Here's how it works...from Notification to Immunization

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  1. Sign up for our Notification List by completing the Self Identification Questions. These will help us identify you based on eligibility criteria.

  2. When your priority group (set by the Privincial Health Authority) is eligible for vaccination, you will be notified to book an appointment, via text, email or phone.

  3. COVID Screening and Vaccine Consent will be conducted at the time of booking to reduce time before your appointment.

  4. Appointment details & confirmation will be communicated via text, email or phone. 

  5. You will be notified when you are eligible to book a repeat appointment, if needed. Second doses will be administered approximately 16 weeks after dose one.

You will have the option during booking to be placed on an "Last Call Waitlist" if you are able to come to the pharmacy within 1 hour of receiving a phone call on the same day to receive a vaccine if needed, to reduce vaccine wastage. 

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Community (herd) immunity could be reached when a large majority of people in B.C. are immunized against COVID-19. When you choose to be vaccinated against COVID-19, you are helping save lives by protecting your household and your entire community from the virus.

Vaccines do more than protect you from COVID-19, they also protect everyone around you. The more people in a community who are immunized against COVID-19, the harder it is for the virus to spread.

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