The professional team behind Columbia Street Pharmacy.

We may not be easily recognizable anymore...but we are still here.  Read on and meet our team of professional pharmacists and associates who are ready to help you with whatever you need. Whether you’re just coming into our shop to refill your prescription or have a question about a new prescription, Columbia Street Pharmacy staff members are happy to help with whatever is on your mind.



Pharmacist Owner/ Manager

Using professionalism, expert knowledgable and old-fashioned care, Cory has built the foundation for Columbia Street Pharmacy. His desire to provide a unique type of pharmacy experience that did not exist elsewhere was the cornerstone of the pharmacy and it still exists today.



It didn’t take much for Catherine to make a huge impact on our team. Professionalism to a tee and never without a smile, she is more than an asset for the Columbia Street Pharmacy family.  She is always there when we need her, and as a Certified Diabetes Educator, she will always be there for you..


Pharmacy Technician

A true professional at all things, Nadine is one of our veteran team members and brings years of experience & skills in order to help our dispensary run smoothly. As a Pharmacy Technician, she is indispensable to the pharmacist and the patient, proving care that is second-to-none.


Pharmacy Assistant

Knowledgable, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways we describe Tatiana. As our newest pharmacy team member, Tat is a true joy to have around and she makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day.


Store Manager

Respectable, reliable and responsible are some of the key qualities that describe Karen, but the list does not end there. She has been with Columbia Street Pharmacy for long enough that her smiling face is expected when you walk in the door.


Office Manager

She may not be as visible in the pharmacy, but she is definitely an integral part of the pharmacy team. Jennifer is tasked with keeping everything behind the scenes functioning so we can help focus on you.

We are here for you