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Did you know? The pharmacists at Columbia Street Pharmacy can give patients injections of any drug that has been prescribed by a practitioner, not just vaccines?*

*[Except allergy serums & substances for cosmetic use]

Please note ALL vaccines,  except influenza vaccines, vaccines that are part of a routine immunization program, those requiring special enhanced public access due to disease outbreaks, and cholera vaccine (oral, inactivated) when used for prophylaxis against traveler's diarrhea due to enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (ETEC) require a prescription for dispensing and/or administration. Our pharmacists are available for a travel consultation that may result in a prescription when completed. See the pharmacy for more details!

At Columbia Street Pharmacy, we want to be your trusted partners in all things "health". Since 2011, our team of highly trained specialists have been expanding our services in order to tackle a wide range of health related matters, other than just filling prescriptions — contributing to our reputation as the best Pharmacy in the Kamloops area. We look forward to providing you with medications, but we hope to do so much more than that. Book an appointment today!

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